Data teacher - Freelance

Job description

Data scientists, analysts, and architects use a combination of programming, math, and teamwork to not only hunt down data but also analyze it to discover trends. This role is becoming more and more important in tech teams as companies fight to use data to the best of their abilities!


Through your own experience in the world of data, you know what it takes to be either a:

  • Data scientist*
  • Data analyst*
  • Data architect*

* Make sure to tell us in your application which of the above fields you're in!

You’re able to look at your data career from a distance and see the steps that someone would take to get there. You can break down even the most abstract data concepts into concrete skills and can already imagine fun examples to show learners.


If this sounds like you, and teaching is a next step you want to take in your data career, bring your chops to OpenClassrooms as a data teacher (either Data Scientist, Data Analyst, or Data Architect)!



  • Identify the skills necessary to become an entry-level data scientist, data architect,  or  data analyst
  • Write course content within one of the above 3 data learning paths
  • Appear in course videos (see some of our recent courses for examples)
  • Write and produce screencasts
  • Perform market research on what companies seek in entry level data people
  • Bear in mind OpenClassrooms strategy and certification requirements
  • Design projects that test students’ acquisition of required skills
  • Collaborate with experts as necessary for certain courses
  • Collaborate with our Education team to give feedback on other course and path subjects. We’re a lively international bunch!


  • Proven experience as a data scientist, data analyst, or data architect, whether at a company or as a freelancer
  • An interest in sharing your craft (feel free to send us blog posts, conference talks, or anything relevant!)
  • A willingness to learn what you don't already understand
  • Native-level spoken and written English
  • Comfort speaking in front of a camera
  • Ability to manage several projects at the same time
  • Excellent interpersonal skills: you know how to give constructive criticism and put people at ease
  • Motivation to join a high-growth startup
  • Note: since video is such an important part of a compelling course, please send us anything that might help us understand how you communicate in front of a camera (or audience) if you have it!