Teacher of an online course for freelancers

Job description

Want to put your knowledge to the test and build your personal brand by reaching a massive audience?

With 3 million active unique visitors per month, OpenClassrooms is the leading European e-learning platform. We are currently looking for bright individuals to be the face of our new series of online training courses targeted to the UK’s population of freelancers (or gig workers). Your role would be to collaborate with our teachers to help adapt their exciting new content for a British audience and to teach key concepts in the video elements of the course. Reach and empower thousands of gig workers by helping them develop their professional skills and adapt to the ever-evolving gig economy.


Who are you?

  • You are a native English speaker

  • You are passionate about teaching

  • You are confident about the idea of presenting yourself in front of a camera

  • You are an expert in one of the following skills/subjects:

    • The digital sector / The digitalisation of careers

    • Use OpenClassrooms learning paths to enter the high-demand job market

    • Freelance business strategy / Commercial techniques

    • Freelance in the UK: responsibilities and protecting oneself

    • Freelance in the UK: daily management

    • Identify professional skills and experience / Identify opportunities

    • Job hunting / CV writing / Networking / E-reputation / Personal Branding

    • Writing a cover letter / Preparing for an interview or pitch

    • Professional writing

    • Working independently / Time management

  • You want to collaborate with our teachers in order to become the face of their exciting new content

What do we offer?

  • A freelance contract for one or more courses

  • A media & public speaking training session

  • A warm welcome to our office and studio in Paris for a video shoot


  • Native English speaker

  • Expertise in one of the skills/fields listed above