Data Scientist Instructor - Microsoft Program

Job description

We’re looking for Data Scientists like you to craft quality online courses on OpenClassrooms, Europe’s leading online learning platform (over 3 million monthly users), for the "AI Engineer" program jointly created with Microsoft

OpenClassrooms’ mission is to make learning accessible. This means showing a wide variety of people that they can code if they have the drive to learn and the quality support they need.

This is where you come in! With the help of our education team, OpenClassrooms teachers:

  • write course text,
  • create learning exercises,
  • record demo screencasts,
  • and work with our video team in Paris to shoot face-cam videos.

The courses we plan on creating in collaboration with experts like you include:

  • Supervised, unsupervised methods
  • NLP, computer vision

You would be the expert behind the creation of one or more of these courses.

Work is flexible and can be done on a freelance basis from anywhere. Above all, it’s rewarding; you’ll continue making a difference in your field and support the developers of tomorrow.

To get an idea of what we can do together, check out these courses on HTML/CSS and SQL.

If inspiring future developers matters to you and you’re passionate about sharing your experiences, then apply now to make an impact.

Who are you?

  • You are a Data Scientist
  • You have the skills for writing clear concepts in English and presenting clear concepts to a camera.
  • You are looking to take your skills to the next level by building engaging learning experiences for future developers.
  • You love the idea of sharing the tips and tricks you’ve acquired and influencing a wide population of learners.

What do we offer?

  • We offer a freelance contract for one or more courses.
  • We provide constructive feedback from dedicated instructional designers.
  • We are happy to collaborate while you work from any location for much of the creation process.
  • We extend a warm welcome to our Paris office and studio for a media training and your video filming.

Do other opportunities at OpenClassrooms fit your profile?

Consider becoming an OpenClassrooms mentor! Both our instructors and our mentors are experts in their field and passionate about education, so don't hesitate to apply as both! While our instructors are involved in content creation, it's our mentors who work with students directly. Follow this link to learn more about mentorship and apply for that role.

Press coverage for our partnership with Microsoft

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Job requirements

You must be an expert in one or more of the Data Science subjects scheduled for the courses we would like to create (see the list above).

Please include a cover letter, as well as an additional writing sample (if you have an article, essay, or link to a blog post that you can share, that's perfect; otherwise please include a paragraph explaining a complex concept). If you have a video sample, that's also a big plus!