Facilities Director

Job description

At OpenClassrooms, the “Facilities” team is a key element upon which we ground our culture. We want our people to feel comfortable and be fully engaged and available for our mission, then be free from all material worries. From free fresh fruit, nuts and drinks up to work space and commuting management, the Facilities Manager ensures that nothing is left to chance that can have an impact on efficiency and speed to action. The Facilities Director is a pure business partner who always looks for innovative solutions and makes smart investments to serve the day to day activities and priorities.


Reporting to the Chief Human Resources Officer, the Facilities Director's responsibilities are:


Daily management of general services

Ensure the highest quality of service with respect to the welcoming, comfort, and assistance of OpenClassrooms employees, service providers, visitors, applicants, and any other person present or entering the premises. This provides all with a stellar experience.

Develop or improve Facility Management standards, procedures, and tools (T&E policy, ticketing, CSR standard, maintenance, access control systems, room reservation systems, etc.)

Ensure catering is at the highest standard and there is no shortage.

Sales and partnership relationships with providers, service providers, and lessors

Identify the needs of employees and departments, create specifications and tools to measure performance in order to select and manage providers and service providers according to SLAs and set KPIs.

Select and evaluate external provider services: cleaning, mail sorting, security, maintenance, upkeep of planted areas, etc.

Regularly organize performance reviews with service providers and decide whether contracts will be renewed or ended.

Take initiative in order to optimize costs and simplify procedures.

Maintain a trusted relationship with lessors in France and abroad (commercial leases, co-working spaces, housing leases), negotiate sales conditions and anticipate needs related to rapid company growth.

Reporting and budget monitoring

Implement a reporting system to monitor costs, energy and water consumption, waste management, business activity (nature and volume), incidents, maintenance activities, request and ticket backlog, etc. on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Decrease power consumption toward a carbon-free ambition.

Define and propose performance criteria for the department, ensure it is implemented, monitored, measured, analyzed and communicated properly.

Create annual budgets geared towards optimization and perform monthly and quarterly follow-up.

Equip, maintain and improve space modification projects, organize moves and new leases

Use and equip intelligent spaces with priority given to allowing occupants to fully concentrate on their business activity without issues or equipment disturbances.

Responsible for all necessary maintenance works.

Oversee technical assistance and the execution of building infrastructure projects in collaboration with external entrepreneurs and other third parties.

Manage the entire lifecycle of real estate cases, from lease signing until contract end, for leases in progress and future leases to negotiate and implement. Take ownership of acquisition real estate projects.

Compliance of premises and equipment with hygiene, safety, and working condition requirements

Ensure that required training sessions take place and are attended as per legal requirements (Rescue & first aid, electrical, fire, movement and posture authorizations, etc.). Organize training end-to-end, from identifying and selecting service providers to event day and evaluation.

Speak with the Economic and Social Committee about the hygiene and security of the premises, update the professional risk evaluation document (DUERP) and make it available to employees.

Contribute to documentation and CSR files

Implement responsible management of water and electricity consumption and oversee the selection of service providers from an environmental and societal standpoint

Support during event organization or when implementing innovative projects as they relate to work organization

Contribute to the logistics organization of all internal and external events upon request from management.

Take charge of the logistics necessary for proper onboarding new hires (meeting rooms, catering, goodies, workspaces).

Organize monthly “Team Days” as described in the class How do We Work at OpenClassrooms

Contribute and offer creative suggestions for innovative work organization projects: commuting, remote working, etc

Facilities team management

Oversee hiring and development and handle departures when necessary, while also respecting established rules.

Ensure that team objectives are met and that employee performance and skills development remain at a high level, as per HR policies and the values and principles of OpenClassrooms.



  • Entrepreneurial mindset & a strong teamwork capability

  • Problem solver mindset & Change management

  • Technical skills (real estate, works)

  • Writing skills in French and in English

  • Negotiation

  • Labor law re safety and health

  • People management

  • Project management

  • Budget management & reporting


  • 8+ years of professional experience, standard reference experience to get skilled for the role

  • 2+ years of startup experience

  • C1 English level & French fluent