IT Technician Teacher (English or French speaking)

Job description

This add is in English, but we are looking for French-speaking teachers as well. Feel free to apply!

Do you love sharing your knowledge of IT with others?
Do you want to help bring opportunities in the IT industry within reach of diverse job-seekers?
Do you want to help build confidence in students and inspire aspiring professionals?
We’re looking for IT Technicians like you to join our community of educators 


At OpenClassrooms, our mission is to make education accessible. This means showing people across the globe that they too can qualify for an in-demand job if they have the drive to learn and the support they need.


In our current expansion, we are in the process of designing an IT Technician training path in English. We are therefore looking for experienced IT Technicians with knowledge in the following key responsibilities: 

  • Installation of workstations (needs analysis, install, and maintenance of user workstations)
  • Deployment of IT equipment (hardware, software, peripherals, mobile and desktop workstations)
  • Security of IT equipment (hardware and software security, backups, integrity)
  • User Assistance (assistance with procedures, incident analysis, training)
  • Management of IT equipment (technical reports, documentation, server monitoring, IT inventory, service providers, legislation requirements). 
  • Improvement of IT (watch, solutions assessment)


Missions would include:
  • Technical review of courses and contents, 
  • Possibility to be front-man/woman in the videos (depending on the Video Team validation and availabilities).
The work is flexible and can be done on a freelance basis from anywhere.
Above all, it’s rewarding! You’ll make a difference in your field by helping make IT a more inclusive industry.
What do we offer?
  • A freelance contract for the localization of our training path. 
  • Constructive guidance and feedback from dedicated instructional designers.
  • An opportunity to collaborate from any location for much of the training creation process.
 The training path is meant to be published in Q2 2021, so candidates should be available to work part-time with us during the coming months.


Job requirements

We are looking for experienced professionals in the IT field and close to the IT Technician job today, with experience in the following tools and methodologies: 

  • MacOS, Windows, Linux 
  • Virtual machines deployment and run (VirtualBox, Packet Tracer)
  • Office softwares 
  • VPN
  • Active Directory 
  • Windows Defender, Powershell, archive and backup tools
  • Ticketing software (GLPI, Jira, Mantis)
  • IT asset management system



  • Worked in different companies with various tools and methodologies
  • Already trained or managed people’s skills (online or offline)


Please include a cover letter and a writing sample (if you have an article, essay, or link to a blog post that you can share, that’s perfect; otherwise please include a paragraph explaining a concept related to one of the course subjects listed above). Please also indicate which topic(s) from the list above match your experience.

We look forward to hearing from you!