Java Teacher

Job description

Do you love sharing your knowledge of web development with others? 

Do you want to help bring opportunities in the tech industry within reach of diverse job-seekers?  

Do you want to help build confidence in students and inspire aspiring professionals?

We’re looking for developers like you to join our community of educators and craft online courses for future developers

At OpenClassrooms, our mission is to make education accessible. This means showing people across the globe that they too can qualify for an in-demand job if they have the drive to learn and the support they need.

That is where you come in! With the ongoing collaboration of our education team you will:

  • design a skills-based online course,
  • write course content,
  • create coding practice exercises,
  • record screencast demonstration videos,
  • and work with our video team in Paris to shoot a series of short, face-to-camera instructional videos.

The work is flexible and can be done on a freelance basis from anywhere. 

Above all, it’s rewarding! You’ll make a difference in your field by helping make tech a more inclusive industry.

To get an idea of what we can do together, have a look at a few of our published courses, such as these ones on VueGithubFreelancing, BootstrapHTML, or JavaScript.

If you’re passionate about sharing your knowledge and experience with the developers of tomorrow, then apply now to make an impact.

Who are you?

  • You can write professional content in English and present concepts clearly to a camera.
  • You are looking to take your skills to the next level by building engaging learning experiences for future web developers.
  • You love the idea of sharing the tips and tricks you’ve acquired and influencing a diverse population of learners.
  • You are a Java Developer. 
  • You have experience with at least one of the following tools or activities:
    • Using Docker
    • Using NoSQL 

What do we offer?

  • A freelance contract for the creation of one or more courses.
  • Constructive guidance and feedback from dedicated instructional designers.
  • An opportunity to collaborate from any location for much of the course creation process.
  • A warm welcome to our Paris office and studio for a media training and your video shoot.

Do other opportunities at OpenClassrooms fit your profile?

Consider becoming an OpenClassrooms mentor! Both our teachers and our mentors rely on their experience in the field to help our students grow as professionals, so don't hesitate to apply for both opportunities! While our teachers are involved in content creation, it's our mentors who provide direct support to students. Follow this link to learn more about mentorship and apply for that role. 

We strongly value individuals at OpenClassrooms, and we particularly welcome applications from those who are traditionally underrepresented in tech. If you like the sound of this role, but are not totally sure whether you're the right person, please do apply anyway - we'd love to hear from you. :)

Job requirements

Who are you?

  • You can write professional content in English and present concepts clearly to a camera.
  • You have experience or an interest in mentoring, tutoring, teaching, or creating tutorials.
  • You are a Java Developer.
  • You have experience on multiple projects with at least one of the following tools or activities:
    • Docker
    • NoSQL

Please include a cover letter and a writing sample (if you have an article, essay, or link to a blog post that you can share, that's perfect; otherwise please include a paragraph explaining a concept related to one of the course subjects listed above).

Please also indicate which topic(s) from the list above match your experience.

We look forward to hearing from you!