Learning and development coordinator

Job description

There’s a revolution currently taking place in the education and training field and you want to be a part of it. You feel strongly about access to education and you may have even taken a few MOOCs or online classes yourself. Come help us make education accessible to all.

At OpenClassrooms, the Human Resources Team proactively finds innovative solutions to support the company scaling up. Across all the HR fields of activity we dare implementing innovative solutions, then we measure and assess the quality of the output prior to setting up the plan to improve and thrive. We’re just aiming at offering to our people best-in-class HR support so they can work serenely and deliver with passion against our mission to make education accessible.

We want to provide to our people an amazing journey with us, from their onboarding time that must be something unique they have never had the chance to test somewhere else, to once on board, a lifelong learning experience. We aim at giving to all of them access to training, individual development and career opportunities. In a nutshell, that is the Learning & Development Coordinator key role to build the training plan, design and implement innovative curriculums, workshops and any solution in support to growing the company competency map and bring our people through a unique and exceptional individual and professional evolution from the time they start their job at OpenClassrooms all through their career with us.

To lead our people learning & development experience to success, the Learning & Development Coordinator is a seasoned professional with significant experience in engineering and managing training plans. You drive training development and delivery to all of the organization that is aligned with business strategy, our mission and the objectives of the company. You proactively assess knowledge gaps within teams and in collaboration with appropriate colleagues, work to address gaps through training initiatives and programs. You continuously evaluate and measure the effectiveness of current training programs and identify improvements that serve to sustain and improve comprehension, application and competence.You must demonstrate an exceptional passion for instructional innovation, be curious and convinceful, express passion and have a deep caring attitude. The ideal candidate will be extremely well-versed in full-cycle training. You manage and execute vendor engagements needed to develop necessary courses and events. You provide project management for critical projects and you lead teams during project initiatives.People say you’re a simplifier; you have a natural tendency to automate pretty much any business process or task and build on budget demand. You are a team player and have the proven ability to break down silos across the organization. In this role, you will be at the heart of OpenClassrooms collaborating with every department from Sales and Customer Success to Tech and Product. You often take initiatives and are constantly on the lookout to learn new things. You are ready to join an agile and fast-moving structure, with the goal to make education accessible to all.


Reports to the Talent Management Director.


In this role, you will:

  • You will be in charge of the full range of training programs, from their designing to their implementation and follow-up
  • You will design the training strategy: pedagogical goals, KPIs, format, audience, frequency, roll-out
  • Based on your expertise, and partnering with external & internal experts & managers, you will produce the most consistent content, depending the needs and level of audience
  • You will choose the right format of training, and for presencial sessions, deliver the trainings in partnership with the manager of the team, and external speakers when consistent
  • You will measure and report the impact of your trainings on business and performance through surveys and personal interaction with managers, trainers, and trainees
  • You will continuously update and improve the content of the training
  • You will propose & implement innovative training solutions and approaches (e.g., classroom, e-learning, and social networking tools), that address organizational skills gaps and enable successful achievement of business objectives and continuous learning
  • You will be able to design different program contents in the meantime.
  • You will partner with business stakeholders to identify needs and new topics of training to develop
  • You will ensure all of the OpenClassrooms employees attend at least one training a year
  • You will maintain and improve the existing language training offer in support of making OpenClassrooms a bilingual company
  • You will own our onboarding process and ensure that all of the newly hired employees are enrolled, have a mentor and achieve their training path in 6 months. You will embed within the standard onboarding process specific plans and programs by function (Sales, Customer Success, Technology, Education, Leadership)
  • You will consult with the business leaders to understand their leadership and management development needs.
  • You will ensure the budget for designing and executing the training plan is managed efficiently and transparently
  • You will implement and/or maintain meaningful dashboards and data to drive budget, measure progresses and provide analysis related to competency development.


  • Highly detail-oriented and capable of wearing multiple hats
  • Deep knowledge and experience in instructional design
  • Comfortable using multiple SaaS tools and platforms to increase efficiencies
  • Highly analytical
  • Strategic thinker who brings solutions to virtually any problems or challenges that come up
  • Automation mindset: you have a natural tendency to eliminate useless tasks and make processes simple
  • Ability to interact at all the levels
  • Excellent English and French communication skills, both written and verbal (C1 level at the very least in both languages)
  • You must be a world-class individual contributor to thrive at OpenClassrooms, you will not just be here to tell people what to do


  • Bachelor’s or Masters’ level education
  • 5+ years of professional experience
  • 2+ years of startup experience
  • This is a global role