Media Training Coaches - Freelance

Job description

At OC, we found a strong product-market fit and are on path to becoming the number one learning platform in Europe & the US.

In order to continue our accelerated growth and get there, we are seeking  Talented Freelance Coaches to help teachers and authors to deliver effective videos for their online courses. Help them feel comfortable, passionate, authentic, confident and captivating in front of the camera, before shooting their videos with the directors.

Job duties:

— Lead 2H30 training sessions in our studios with a relevant method you will have defined with the video directors beforehand.

— Work with professional Sony cameras and sound equipment to deliver the best sessions on a technical level. If you lack technical experience, you must be willing to learn how to use the equipment with the video directors.

— Ability to work on Apple computers with tools such as Google Documents and a teleprompter (ProPrompter).

— Ability to work with a small group of people. From one person to 3 people at the same time, making sure all of them will have been trained the same amount of time in a personalized way.

— Ability to give constructive feedbacks to the directors through a form that you will answer after each session.


Skills & qualifications:

— Experience in acting or any performance related field, whether it is as a director or a performer yourself.

— Fluent in French and English. You will be coaching authors from France, US, UK and other countries.

— Strong organization skills, able to work independently and manage multiple people within a same session simultaneously.

— A bold decision maker, involved in our process, not hesitating to discuss the choices and way of teaching if they can be improved.


  • Laptop with a webcam and microphone for remote coaching (especially for authors outside France). Those remote sessions last around 1H30.



The journey starts with a phone interview and a meeting with Nicolas and another team member of the Video team.  Then, we will show the studios for a tour and ask you to show us your capacity to handle the material and a quick assessment of your skills in front of the camera.


Feel free to get the gist of who we are :

OC is located in the heart of Paris in a nice building with friendly people! When you’ll be working with us, feel free to stay around for lunch, chat with any team member or even play foosball!