Software Architect / Code Instructor

Job description

Are you a committed software architect or experienced developer who loves sharing your knowledge and building confidence in others? Do you want to make code accessible to the world and help new professionals get started?

We’re looking for professionals like you to craft realistic hands-on projects and create quality online courses for OpenClassrooms, Europe’s leading online learning platform (over 3 million monthly users). OpenClassrooms’ mission is to make learning accessible. This means showing a wide variety of people that they can be successful if they have quality support and a strong drive to learn.

This is where you come in! With the help of our education team, OpenClassrooms teachers:

  • develop realistic project scenarios to help students apply real-world skills,
  • write course text,
  • create learning exercises,
  • record demo screencasts,
  • and work with our video team in Paris to shoot face-cam videos.

We love working with software architects who enjoy building great things and bringing fresh perspectives. Currently, we're looking to collaborate with people who are interested in one or more of the following topics: 

  • Develop architecture designs with industry standard patterns
  • Write Maintainable functional and technical Architecture documentation
  • Create multi-server and cloud architecture services
  • Scaling and adapting the ADM Cycle to your enterprise architecture
  • Manage technical debt in your enterprise architecture
  • Manage migrations with the Strangler pattern
  • Design an implementation migration plan
  • Devise a business-driven test plan
  • Apply architecture governance frameworks to mitigate risk

Work is flexible and can be done on a freelance basis from anywhere. Above all, it’s rewarding; you’ll continue making a difference in your field and support the software architects of tomorrow. To get an idea of what we can do together, check out these courses on HTML/CSSJavaGit & Github, and Developing a learning strategy.

If inspiring future future software architects matters to you and you’re passionate about sharing your experiences, then apply now! 

Who are we looking for? 

  • You are a software architect, or an experienced developers used to working on Architecture. 
  • You enjoy writing and communicating with others. 
  • You love the idea of sharing the tips and tricks you’ve acquired and influencing a wide population of learners.

What do we offer?

  • A freelance contract for one or more projects or courses.
  • Supportive communication and collaboration with dedicated instructional designers.
  • Flexible location: you can work from any location for 95% of the creation process.
  • A personalized media training (to learn how to speak on camera) and video shoot with our production team in Paris. 

Do other opportunities at OpenClassrooms fit your profile?

Consider becoming an OpenClassrooms mentor! Both our instructors and our mentors are professionals in their field and passionate about education, so don't hesitate to apply as both! While our instructors are involved in content creation, it's our mentors who work with students directly. Follow this link to learn more about mentorship and apply for that role. We also have a small course about becoming an OpenClassrooms mentor.

OpenClassrooms values diversity and is an equal opportunity employer.

Job requirements

You must have industry knowledge as a software architect or have experience as a developper working with architects, and a good understanding of the subjects described above. 

Please include a cover letter, as well as an additional writing sample.  This position requires a lot of writing, so please send an article, essay, or link to a blog post that you can share. Otherwise please include a paragraph explaining a complex concept (targeted to a beginner) within your field.

We strongly value individuals at OpenClassrooms, and we particularly welcome applications from those who are traditionally underrepresented in tech. If you like the sound of this role, but are not totally sure whether you're the right person, please do apply anyway - we'd love to hear from you :)