Talent Acquisition Director

Job description

There’s a revolution currently taking place in the education and training field and you want to be a part of it. You feel strongly about access to education and you may have even taken a few MOOCs or online classes yourself. Come help us make education accessible to all.

At OpenClassrooms, the Human Resources Team proactively finds innovative solutions to support the company scaling up. Across all the HR fields of activity we dare implementing innovative solutions, then we measure and assess the quality of the output prior to setting up the plan to improve and thrive. We’re just aiming at offering to our people best-in-class HR support so they can work serenely and deliver with passion against our mission to make education accessible.

We want to hire the best people whose mindset and behaviors fit our principles and make their candidate’s experience amazing.

In a nutshell, the mission is to evaluate, recommend and implement creative, cost-effective approaches to the recruitment process by increasing high calibre candidate sourcing through innovative approaches.

To lead our talent acquisition strategy to success, we’re looking for a seasoned professional with significant experience in people management and process automation. You must demonstrate an exceptional passion for unearthing talents, also curiosity and an innovative mindset. The ideal candidate will be extremely well-versed in full-cycle recruiting specifically in the tech talent marketplace. You most likely have a solid experience in the staffing industry as well as a solid in-house track record. You get excited about innovating and building up our talent strategy. People say you’re a simplifier; you have a natural tendency to automate pretty much any business process or task. You are a team player and have the proven ability to break down silos across the organization. In this role, you will be at the heart of OpenClassrooms collaborating with every department from Sales and Customer Success to Tech and Product. You often take initiatives and are constantly on the lookout to learn new things. You are ready to join an agile and fast-moving structure, with the goal to make education accessible to all. 



In this role, you will:

  • Manage and grow the Talent Acquisition Team
  • Reshape our recruitment policy, processes and tools to gain speed and efficiency in France, in the US, in the UK and in other geographies when required
  • Design our talent acquisition dashboard and automate data management towards real time performance measurement. Monitor recruiting metrics, key-KPIs (time to kick off, time to hire, hiring ratio per pool of candidates, costs of hiring, etc.) and determine methods to improve results
  • Set up and manage the hiring plan as a rolling forecast in coordination with Finance
  • Determine an appropriate sourcing plan that includes internal mobility, specific funnels driven by Sourcers for large scale pools such as Sales, Tech. Dev., Customer Success, direct recruitment and partnerships with headhunters and hiring agencies
  • Create and perfect job descriptions that work to best exemplify OpenClassrooms’ value proposition
  • Maintain our job library with transparency given internally and externally
  • Systematically evaluate, select and manage agency recruitment partners, measuring effectiveness and ensuring compliance with negotiated agreements.
  • Source, source, source and fuel robust and ready-to-hire pipelines
  • Make our candidates’ hiring experience at OpenClassrooms a wow and unique experience
  • Set up the most relevant channels and data collection processes to get a precise measure of our candidate experience and be able to take fast action to recover where required
  • Ensure right mindset and behaviors according to our principles and our mission have been assessed and validated during the hiring process
  • Conduct talent searches across multiple countries across all levels of seniority (from Graduate to VP level positions)
  • Conduct telephone qualification, physical interviews, assessments, maintain and grow a library of study cases to provide quality hiring support to hiring managers
  • Negotiate job offers in accordance with budgetary considerations, market conditions and in line with our salary classification
  • Create and develop talent pools, build a pipeline of Talent in coordination with our leaders
  • Manage our Employer Brand strategy with our Communications department on dedicated job boards and in the medias
  • Partner with outstanding/relevant Business Schools, universities, learning platforms
  • Attend job fairs, organize meetups, take any in-house or external opportunity to meet and attract high level talented employees
  • Promote apprenticeship internally


Reports to the Chief Human Resources Officer.



  • Proven track record of exceptional leadership with experience managing teams
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of the tech talent marketplace
  • Comfortable leveraging any SaaS tools and platforms that can increase efficiency and speed to hire
  • Strategic thinker who brings solutions to virtually any problems or challenges that come up
  • Highly detail-oriented, analytical and data-driven
  • Automation mindset: you have a natural tendency to eliminate useless tasks and make business processes simple
  • Ability to interact at all the levels
  • Excellent English and French communication skills, both written and verbal (C1 level at the very least in both languages)
  • You must be a world-class individual contributor to thrive at OpenClassrooms, you will not just be here to tell people what to do


  • Bachelor’s or Masters’ level education
  • 12+ years of professional experience
  • 2+ years of startup experience
  • This is a global role. We require at least 2 years of international experience