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Mathieu Nebra, Co-Founder

Mathieu is one of the two co-founders of OpenClassrooms. He is also our Chief Innovation Officer. He is working on everything that goes beyond our 12-months roadmap. What are the next broad steps for OpenClassrooms? How can we multiply our students' achievements by ten? It is a very transversal and enthralling role!

Mathieu created the first iterations of OpenClassrooms when he was 13-years-old and has been honing it ever since. As an engineer, it has been the central focus of his professional career. What he likes most at OpenClassrooms is our dynamic team. He loves how everyone is driven by the company mission to make education accessible. Mathieu also relishes the opportunity to meet OpenClassrooms students to discover how we are making an impact in their lives.

Mathieu is an intuitive and great people person who has a real sense of what those around him are feeling and experiencing. These qualities make him a great leader.  

What drives Mathieu is helping others to thrive. This is why he has created so many courses on OpenClassrooms. In his personal life, he plays the guitar and runs semi-marathons. Mathieu is French, born and raised in the South of France and works in Paris.


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