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At OpenClassrooms, we believe that everybody can learn anything and that everybody has something to share.

Our mission is to make education accessible. To everybody. Everywhere. We’re working to do that everyday, and we have been doing it for 20 years.

Mathieu Nebra started OpenClassrooms when he was 13 years old, and was soon joined by Pierre Dubuc.

We all have numerous responsibilities, managing 50 paths leading to a diploma recognized by the French State, and a community of more than 3 million members.

Want to know more about us? Learn more about how we work here at OpenClassrooms! Yes, we even have a course for that.

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Work Better Blog

Thrive at work and in your career, today and into the future.

Want to know more about OpenClassrooms? Take a look at our Work Better blog!

On our Work Better blog, you will find articles detailing our teaching model, our history, as well as interviews with our students, graduates and mentors. 

Some of the most popular subjects deal with career advice, information on training, HR advice and tools to improve skills in your field. You will also get to read about what our amazing students, alumni and mentors have to say about us. 

Tech Blog

Product, Design and Engineering

Do you want to know more ABOUT TECH? What we are developing? Which technologies we are using? 

We are excited to share about our product, design and engineering on our Tech Blog!

You will hear a lot of different developers’ voices on this blog, which keeps the perspectives varied. Most importantly, you will learn more about our Tech Stack and meet our team!

Talent Blog

Keep up to date with the latest hiring trends!

Our Talent Blog provides essential training and recruitment advice. So whether you are looking to develop your essential business and human skills or to reinvent your recruitment process and develop your employee experience - our blog is a great resource!

You will always be able to find some information that will help you excel in your job on our Talent Blog!


Why would you choose OpenClassrooms over another company ?

  1. Help to change the lives of millions of people by making education accessible

  2. WE DARE: join a team that dares to try out new ideas and will support you in implementing your own

  3. WE CARE: be part of a supportive, friendly team that values communication

  4. WE PERSIST: we value pursuing long-term goals. We're not afraid of failures along the way. We'll help you fail fast and keep ongoing.

  5. WE TELL IT AS IT IS: we believe in honesty, feedback, and value opinions at all levels. If you join our team, you'll have a voice and a place at the table. 

  6. Our team is diverse and inclusive: we have an even balance between the number of men and women in our teams, and 25% of our employees are foreigners.

Our culture has been instrumental to our success and has helped us attract and retain amazing colleagues, making work here more gratifying. The "How do we work at OpenClassrooms Course"  is a must-read for anyone wanting to join OpenClassrooms. We hope it will provide valuable insights into who we are and what we stand for!  

Perks & Benefits

A selection of what we offer

  • Remote first policy: you can work from home and/or from the office
  • A Macbook and everything you need to be productive, including free candies, home made cakes and weekly organic fruit baskets, unlimited tea and coffee that are offered at the office
  • Flexible timetables : results rather than presence oriented!
  • An excellent health insurance for you and your family
  • Meal vouchers for all working days
  • Unlimited vouchers for sports through Gymlib
  • Full coverage of travel expenses and public transportation
  • Unlimited days off and a 1.000€ premium once a year for 15+ days off taken (after one year of seniority)
  • Monthly company events, outings and drinks
  • Monthly “team days” where everyone changes spot in the office, to get the opportunity to work with everyone once in a while
  • An annual seminar close to nature


  • We want people who are interested in education and can bring fresh perspectives and want to help build great things

  • We empower our employees to innovate and support their efforts.

  • We are looking for people who also want to learn more everyday, alone or from their colleagues. And share their knowledge too. 

  • We encourage and prioritize supportive communication amongst our teams.

Don’t hesitate to send your application, we will be in touch with you very soon.

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Current openings

Learning Product Manager
Senior Learning Product Manager
B2B Business Development Representative (Apprenticeship)
Mentor Acquisition & Engagement Manager (9 month CDD)
Global Operations
Product Director
Assistante de Direction CHRO/ CPO
HQ / Human Resources
Senior Salesforce Developer
Data Engineer
Head of Technology Content
People Operations Director
HQ / Human Resources
Acquisition Marketing Expert
Product Design Manager
Product Marketing Manager (B2C)
Customer Success Manager, BtoB Market
Sales Operations Administrator
Sales and Marketing Operations Manager: Planning and Analytics
Data Analyst Apprenticeship
HQ/ Finance
Manager of Product Marketing
Juriste Droit Social Senior
Director, Apprenticeship Success
Global Operations
B2C Sales Representative (3 month CDD)
Global Operations
Operations Analyst (24 months Apprenticeship)
Global Operations
B2B Business Development Representative
Senior Sales Account Executive (Maternity Cover - 7 Months)
Student Success Manager -CDI
Customer Support Specialist
Billing Administrator
HQ/ Finance
DevOps Engineer
Chargé(e) de relation école / entreprise
Mentorship Manager
Global Operations
Backend Developer - PHP Symfony
Student Success Manager - Social Programs CDD
Product Manager
Assistant(e) de formation
Senior Product Designer
Coach en insertion professionnelle
Product Data Analyst
Quality Engineer
Tech Recruiter Lead
HQ / Human Resources
Principal Functional Architect / Business Analyst
Solution Manager (Product Owner)
Engineering Manager
iOS Developer
Learning Experience Coordinator (Learning Analyst)
Content Localization Specialist
Ingénieur Pédagogique (Learning Program Designer)
Learning Content Designer / Instructional Designer (Courses
Chargé de production Multimedia / Outsourcing Manager
Enterprise Account Executive
IT Technician Teacher (English or French speaking)
Frontend Engineer
Online Data Course Creator (English and/or French)

Meet the team

Here are a couple of our bright, passionate colleagues.

Mathieu Nebra, Co-Founder

Mathieu is one of the two co-founders of OpenClassrooms. He is also our Chief Innovation Officer. He is working on everything that goes beyond our 12-months roadmap. What are the next broad steps for OpenClassrooms ? How can we multiply our students' achievements by ten? It is a very transversal and enthralling role!

Mathieu created the first iterations of OpenClassrooms when he was 13-years-old and has been honing it ever since. As an engineer, it has been the central focus of his professional career. What he likes most at OpenClassrooms is our dynamic team. He loves how everyone is driven by the company mission to make education accessible. Mathieu also relishes the opportunity  to meet OpenClassrooms students to discover how we are making an impact in their lives.

Mathieu is intuitive and great people person who has a real sense of what those around him are feeling and experiencing. These qualities make him a great leader.  

What drives Mathieu is helping others to thrive. This is why he has created so many courses on OpenClassrooms. In his personal life, he plays the guitar and runs semi-marathons. Mathieu is French, born and raised in the South of France and works in Paris.

Guillaume Parrou, Director, Learning Products

Guillaume's role is essentially to enable the best ideas for improving our student learning experience. He researches and design new learning and teaching methods and translates them into actionable and clear steps to incorporate them into our programs. He manages the implementation of the most innovative techniques that address our most urgent or more long-term needs. In a nutshell, he is accountable for our education research & development.

Before OpenClassrooms, Guillaume was an aspiring entrepreneur in EdTech, having designed a new, innovative kind of Learning Management System. Guillaume is an expert in skill mapping, learning experience design and heutagogy (self-determined learning). At OpenClassrooms, he likes the fact the company is results-oriented. For him, people here can really create opportunities for themselves if they put in the work and show results.

In his personal life, Guillaume absolutely loves to learn new things and is fascinated by sleep science. He was born and raised in a small town called Saintes in France, between La Rochelle and Bordeaux, and now lives and works in Paris.

Clara Corazza, Head of the Development Track

Clara is Head of the Code and Design track. She imagines, builds and creates all the development and design paths and courses with her team. 

She graduated in neurosciences. Before OpenClassrooms, she founded a number of companies, among them, an environmental counseling firm. While building this company she needed a developer but was not able to find someone to fill the role. To address her issue, she decided to take things into her own hands and learn to code. She studied at 42, a Parisian coding school. She then worked in London and Barcelona and created another company in Tech. 

As she used the Site du Zéro 13 years before actually switching careers into Tech and then she had made a career change in code partially training with OpenClassrooms, she dreamt of joining our team. During high school, it didn’t feel like a real option to work in Tech, especially for women. So, at the time, she had chosen biology.

Today, she is really enthusiastic about making education accessible, especially coding and especially to women. Clara’s best quality is she never gives up or lacks courage.

In her personal life, Clara plays video games, reads, likes to try new sports such as Krav Maga and takes part in obstacle races (yes, indeed, the races where you end up covered in mud). She also has an adorable, huge, female dog. She is franco-italian and lived in more than 20 cities. Today, she lives and works in Paris.

Ibis Lilley, Mentorship Lead

Ibis's job is to lead the mentorship team in making sure that every student has access to a qualified and experienced mentor to help them complete their program and get a job. 

To recruit mentors in a variety of fields, one of the most critical things is to evaluate the mentor's ability to explain their technical skills and knowledge to someone who knows nothing about their profession. The mentorship team also manages our growing international community of more than 1,000 mentors. This is essential to cultivate the best learning experience possible for our students.

Ibis has a degree in philosophy and her first job was teaching English in Japan. However, she has since worked in a wide variety of roles and companies over the past 15 years, throughout which education and training have been constant themes. What she likes about OpenClassrooms is the fact that we are helping people to huge strides forward and transform change their life chances for the better.

In her personal life, Ibis spends her time indoctrinating her kids into watching rugby and too much Netflix. Otherwise she loves to travel, 24 countries and counting. Ibis has British and Nigerian nationality and plans to become French with Brexit on the horizon. She now lives and works in Paris.

Guto Amorim, Post Production Manager 

Guto is Post Production Manager within our Multimedia Learning team. In collaboration with other managers, Guto helps his team of graphic and motion designers make the production of the multimedia assets that we use in our courses and projects, either editing, designing or finding this new tech solution. 

Guto graduated in Advertising, and he started his career as an art director before switching to video making. He then mixed both jobs to become a motion designer a few years ago.

What he loves at OpenClassrooms is the collaboration between teams, and how everyone makes you feel welcome. Guto is also proud of his "punny" sense of humour inherited from his times working in Advertising. 

In his personal life, Guto likes photography and learning new stuff. He is originally from Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. He first moved to Dublin for 2 years before moving to France for his masters in Arctic studies (isn't that amazing?). He now lives and works in Paris.

Esther McNamara, VP Social Programs

Esther is VP of Social Programs. She builds training programs accessible-to-all to help people change jobs. She is specialized in French public policies and is thus proud to invent new formats for the French government to adopt in terms of professional education. Her focus is on independent, rural or unqualified workers among other profiles. 

Her team helps these candidates to study and find work after training. Her team says that she tells it as it is and has a great sense of humor. Before joining OpenClassrooms, Esther studied Law and Economics, and worked at the French “Cour des Comptes”. 

In her personal life, she loves crossfit and enjoys her fulfilling family life. Esther is French, born and raised in the North of France. She now lives in Paris.

Karen De Graaf, Frontend Developer

Karen is a frontend developer on the acquisition squad. Along with this squad’s team, she works on converting our users into new students

She has a bachelor's degree in media studies but has been building a background in web development for agencies for a while now. During her studies, she took programming as her minor. She liked it so much, she taught herself about web development in order to get a job as a programmer

What she values most about the Tech Team at OpenClassrooms is that they have the space for learning, innovation and experimentation. “I’m happy we have the space to continuously try and improve ourselves,'' she says. 

Karen likes yoga, theater acting and travelling. She also bakes amazing cakes (a new one each time. They are always fantastic). Once, she was late 3 times in a row for the team meeting. As a consequence, she brought chouquettes (a French pastry). But instead of picking them up at boulangerie, she baked them herself, and with success! Karen was born in the Netherlands but now lives and works in Paris. 

David Bellaiche, Data Analyst 

David is a Data Analyst. In line with the company’s transparency policy, his mission is to make data accessible to every colleague. He works with SQL code and Python to search, synchronize, clean and analyze our data. In terms of tools, the data team works mainly on Tableau and Dataiku

Before OpenClassrooms, David studied Economics at La Sorbonne, and worked as a web analyst for 5 years in a wide range of companies including Netbooster/Artefact and Louis Vuitton. 

He took the job at OpenClassrooms firstly because he learned to code on the website, so he already felt close to the company and indebted to it. He also believes in our mission.  Years prior he took an OpenClassrooms program that helped in change careers. And that’s exactly the value proposition that we make to students. 

In the company, he is seen as a genuine problem solver and an optimizations guy. In his personal life, David likes sports (soccer, running, and judo), and plays piano as well as the saxophone. David was born and raised in Paris and still lives and works there.  

Clémence Schricke, Customer Support Specialist 

Clémence is a Customer Support Specialist within the customer care team. She answers our users and students’ questions on a very wide range of topics. Her mission along with the team is for everyone to have the best possible contact and experience with OpenClassrooms.

Clémence has a bachelor’s degree in foreign languages and cultural studies. She has a professional background both in Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer relationship. She joined OpenClassrooms for its mission, its team (a passionate team she really feels like she belongs to) and the work benefits.

In her personal life, she likes running (even if she would never have foreseen that a couple of years ago), swimming in the ocean and strolling on the beach. She is bilingual in several languages. Clémence was born and raised in Toulon in the South of France, and now lives and works in Paris.

Mikael Maccès, Accountant

Mikael is an accountant specialized in suppliers. He is in charge of suppliers’ and general accounting as well as some financial reporting. Although he has worked as an accountant for a couple of years now, his prior experience includes working in sales and logistics. 

At OpenClassrooms, he likes the fact that everyone is really autonomous and can work serenely. He also stresses the good general ambiance of the whole team and company benefits He likes the fact we can work remotely as well. Mikael’s special ability is that he persists in everything he does. It helped him throughout his career change, and is really useful in his job on a day-to-day basis.

In his personal life, Mikael practices martial arts. For instance, he likes Pencak Silat, an Indonesian martial art that mixes south-eastern gestures with Asian self-defense. He also likes to travel (his preferred trips were Mexico, Thailand and Kenya). Mikael is West Indian (his father is from Guadeloupe and his mother from Martinique). He now lives and works in Paris.

I believe that EACH month, I have at least one occasion to say to myself: "Amazing, I really work at a completely unbelievable company"

Developer at OpenClassrooms


10 quai de la Charente, 75019 Paris, France


10 quai de la Charente, 75019 Paris, France